ФОТО | Кольцо за 45 тысяч долларов: сын депутата-социалиста сделал предложение возлюбленной

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Сын депутата-социалиста Штефана Гацкана, Влад, сделал предложение своей возлюбленной – блоггеру Маринеле Безер. Кольцо для помолвки обошлось в сумму между 25 тысяч и 45 тысяч долларов, а эта внушительная сумма вызвала бурные дискуссии в социальных сетях, пишет jurnaltv.md.

Невеста Влада Гацкана сама написала на своей странице в Instagram, что кольцо для помолвки – не простое, а особенное – от Harry Winston и называется “The One”. Она уточнила, что ее жених трудился несколько лет подряд, чтобы заработать на такое украшение для нее. По данным сайтов ювелирных магазинов, такое кольцо стоит от 25 тысяч до 45 тысяч долларов. Между тем, пользователи Instagram выступили с критикой и написали, что Влад Гацкан позволяет себе шиковать на деньги папы-депутата. Сам Штефан Гацкан с комментариями по этому поводу не выступил.


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Two weeks ago Vlad told me we had to urgently buy tickets to Moldova. After a few days, @dima_spoiala texted me about a project/ love story video we were planning a year ago, in partnership with @mirela_urusciuc, one of the best events planners in Moldova. Plus we’ve got to promote Malliny, so it was a win-win proposal. The shootings were scheduled for the 25.09 and I was like “So cool, we already have tickets to Moldova for that period”. My mom and I decided to quickly make this dress we had in mind for a long time. I made an appointment for hair, I did my makeup, put on my amazing Malliny dress and tried to look my best for the shootings! We drove 1h 30min to the location. When we arrived, I was wondering and thinking “how sad that this decor is just for a video and not an actual event”. We immediately started filming the “campaign”. I was shocked when I saw Vlad enjoying it and playing so well! He told me I looked beautiful a million times! We filmed a couple of scenes and then there was a part where we had to sit at the table, wear a microphone to record some laughter and glass clinking. At one point @mirela_urusciuc says “A ring would look good. Does anyone have a ring?”. Nicoleta brings a box to the table. I begin to understand what is actually happening. It was all set up! Vlad prepared a beautiful and emotional speech, followed by the big question: “Do you want to be my wife?”. I was shaking, I couldn’t stand up, but never in my life I was more sure about an YES I said! Everything that happened after, I could only see through blurred eyes. Vlad planned it months ahead! No one knew about it, except my sister, my mom and Vlad’s mom. Our dads only found out a few days before! He couldn’t sleep for a month. He thought it out so well. He bought the ring in London without me even noticing! Hired a team of people who worked on that flower decor from 3am until 5pm that day! He arranged everything in secret, while being 24/7 next to me. Vlad made sure I don’t suspect anything but I still look flawless, have the perfect dress, hair and makeup. I had no idea he is that romantic! Isn’t this just a dream?

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